Maternity Photography

The Details

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A Piece Of Art

The female form is thoughtfully created. A mother's body provides so much tenderness and affection to her unborn child, making this one of the most intimate experiences two humans could share.

Our maternity photography simply and elegantly documents the artistic journey that is pregnancy.

Your Strength

Maternity shoots are about capturing your inner strength as a mother.  

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Your Love

Maternity sessions capture the love between both expectant parents, and any siblings. 


Your Elegance

Your session will be centered around a style of elegance.  Capturing images that are timeless.


When To Book

If this is your first maternity photoshoot, you may be wondering to book your session.  For most clients, the ideal time is between weeks 28 and 36.  There are some factors that may affect this.  Use this calculator to determine your ideal session date range.

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Questions & Answers About My Maternity Photoshoots


What To Expect

Your maternity session is about you, your love and your baby.  From the moment you book your maternity photoshoot, you can begin thinking about inspiration and styling for your session.  Prior to your photoshoot, you will have a style consultation with me, where we share ideas, styles and create a vision for your photoshoot.


Convenient Studio Location

Just 15-minute drive from downtown Portland.


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Pricing & Booking Information